The smart storage solution for the office: slim, multifunctional and fully electrified.

WINEA SLIM details

For more comfort directly at the workplace, the modular system allows individual equipment options.


Slim, multifunctional and fully electrified: WINEA SLIM from WINI (Design: Michael Hilgers) is the smart, space-efficient storage solution for the office. The modular system connects directly to the work surface and thus provides practical, space-saving private storage space directly at the workplace - including clever technology integration. For more comfort in the office day, WINEA SLIM can be individually equipped and configured as a compact, elegant individual workplace as well as a generous bench or team workplace.

Equipment details/options: lockable drawers, lockable wing doors, shelves, shelves and flower tops, top, pull-out standing board; Unilateral or reciprocal use; Fixed or height adjustable table attachment; Cable outlets, luminaire connection, Netbox Point, induction charging field



Uni colours + melamines

Porzellanweiß (P7)

Apfel Meran Dekor (AD)

Buche Tirol Dekor (BH)

Buche Dekor (BD)

Lakeland Akazie Dekor (LL)

Kirsche Romana Dekor (KR)

Französisch Nussbaum Dekor (ND)

Eiche Milano (ME)

Eiche Odeon (EO)

Olive Sevilla Dekor (OD)

Titanweiß (TW)

Platin (PL)

Silber Dekor (AF)

Anthrazit (AZ)

Dunkelanthrazit (DA)

Vulkanschwarz (MS)

Revive (RD)

Beige Dekor (BE)

Beigegrau Dekor (GD)

Cuando Dekor (CD)

Application Colors

Rauchblau (BQ)


Esche schwarzgrau (EX)

Buche Natur (BN)

Amerikanisch Kirschbaum (KB)

Amerikanisch Nussbaum (NU)

Ahorn Natur (AN)

Eiche Natur (PN)

Design veneers

Wenge (WG)

System Overview

Storage elements, 20 cm Width:
Heights: 74 / 85 / 99 / 110 cm
Depths: 60 / 80 / 90 / 100 cm

Storage elements, 30 cm Width:
Heights: 74 / 85 / 99 / 110 cm
Depths: 60 / 80 / 90 / 100 cm

Add-on elements:
Heights: 1 OH
Depths: 60 / 80 / 90 / 100 cm



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