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WINEA FLOW - The Story

WINEA FLOW in motion


The new desk range WINEA FLOW excels with a clear design and technical innovation.  It was developed by WINI’s design team in collaboration with the designer Uwe Sommerlade. The result is a desk range that leaves nothing to be desired.


True to the motto “Smarter. Faster. More beautiful. Do it.” the focus is on the user and the user friendly handling. The rounded, black corner is a self-explaining control panel. It blends perfectly into the desktop and encourages the user to change posture more frequently. The basic idea of an activity boosting desk range convinced even the jury of the Active Office Award 2018. The WINI MOTION interactive touch switch can also be integrated into the tabletop as an optional operating element.


Another ingenious feature of WINEA FLOW is the lifting cable channel which allows for easy access to the cable channel and a structured cable management. The cable channel lifts und lowers synchronously with the sliding desktop.


An additional outstanding feature of WINEA FLOW is the speedy motor-operated height adjustment (HV+) which covers the distance between sitting and standing position twice as fast as a common motor-operated desk. The height adjustment is equipped with a soft start/stop automatic and an integrated collision protection (PIEZOTM). It operates very quietly and is using very little energy, only 0.1 W.


WINEA FLOW impresses with its clear and straightforward design. The classical T leg, the A leg with its homely ambience or the panel leg – which can incorporate cables and sockets – allow WINEA FLOW to adapt to contemporary working environments. Thanks to these features it already earned the AIT Office Innovation Award.


Individuality is another distinct feature of WINEA FLOW, its development by WINI guarantees limitless options for individualisation.




Mat finishes

Linoleum Charcoal TOP Dekor (YD)

Fenix Nero Ingo TOP Dekor (YE)

MDF schwarz-matt TOP Dekor (WQ)

Kirsche Romana Perfect Sence TOP Dekor (WK)

Uni colours + melamines

Eiche gekälkt Dekor (EJ)

Eiche Natur Dekor (NE)

Mooreiche Dekor (EE)

Anthrazit (AZ)

Apfel Meran Dekor (AD)

Beige Dekor (BE)

Beigegrau Dekor (GD)

Buche Dekor (BD)

Buche Tirol Dekor (BH)

Chromix Anthrazit TOP Dekor (YA)

Cuando Dekor (CD)

Denver Eiche TOP Dekor (YB)

Eiche Milano (ME)

Halifax Eiche TOP Dekor (H4)

Titanweiß (TW)

Dijon Nussbaum Natur Dekor (8X)

Kirsche Romana Dekor (KR)

Lakeland Akazie Dekor (LL)

Olive Sevilla Dekor (OD)

Platin (PL)

Porzellanweiß (P7)


Ahorn Natur (AN)

Amerikanisch Nussbaum (NU)

Amerikanisch Kirschbaum (KB)

Buche Natur (BN)

Eiche Natur (PN)

Esche schwarzgrau (EX)

Design veneers

Makassar (MK)

Wenge (WG)

Frames + plinths

Titanweiß RAL 9016 (TW)

Vulkanschwarz RAL 9005 (MS)

Weißaluminium RAL 9006 (W2)

System Overview

Desktop thickness:  1,9 cm | Desktop depth:  80 / 90 cm

Desktop width: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm 

Additional desktop information: several extension desktop, Ellipse- and barrel shape for conference table

All legs: 74 cm fixed hight | 65-85 cm adjustable via push-button
All legs:
74 - 124 cm adjustable via speed crank | 65-125 cm adjustable via motor
Sit-to-stand versions (65 - 125 cm ): basic motor (HV) or high speed motor (HV+), with collision detection, consumption data in stand-by mode 0,1 watt


Hameln Pharma

An open working environment on an island with a direct view of the Weser. In the new building of the pharmaceutical company, a flexible office design in light colours and standardised workstations was created. A special solution for laptop use and quick adjustment in the WINEA FLOW sit-stand desk are part of the specific customer requirements. The active ingredients in this office planning: trust and quality.

Zedita Hameln

An innovation community in rural Weserbergland - that is the major goal of the large-scale project "zedita" of the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences (HSW). In cooperation with various partners from administration, science and business, including WINI, a digital hub called "zedita" was created in the historic Kaisersaal of Hameln's railway station. The centre promotes innovation and digital working in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont.

IB.SH Kiel

A 22,000 sqm building for Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein was constructed on the east side of the Hörn. The new building has brought together over 700 workplaces that were spread across up to 10 locations in Kiel until March 2022 - now they all work "under one roof". The project participants of IB.SH had high demands on a future-oriented office concept and precise technical and design ideas of the furnishing, which were realised with exciting solutions from WINI Büromöbel.

Frasers Property

Warm, cosy atmosphere with lots of wood. Scandinavian design is in harmony here with the collaborative corporate culture - typically Dutch. The new European headquarters of Frasers Property in Amsterdam offers employees a homely office space with zones for brainstorming, exchange, interaction, relaxation and online meetings. Those involved in the project had a set budget and clear ideas. Some office furniture was custom-made according to requested drawings, which solved acoustic challenges, among other things.

Cosnova in Sulzbach

For Cosnava, a company located in Sulzbach near Frankfurt, we designed in co-operation with our partner LINAK a contemporary working environment with the focus on desk sharing. The enterprise is innovative and steadily growing. To attract and retain talents its working environment must be up-to-date in every aspect, ergonomics included. It goes without saying that the new desks are motor-operated height adjustable. An increasing number of employees requires more space. However, there is a limit to the space available. Due to the fact that not all employees are in the office at the same time – in particular the Sales Representatives are often out of the office and leaving their desks unused – an innovative solution for desk sharing had to be found.  This was the right time for the third company to step in and add their expertise to the project: the Dutch specialist for booking systems GoBright. The colourful cosmetic company Cosnova with its well-known brands essence, Catrice and L.O.V.  has by now a staff of 650 employees. Small multicoloured details in raspberry red, orange and pink reflect the company’s CI colours.

SSI Schäfer in Giebelstadt

With its new competence centre, SSI Schäfer wanted to create a varied, communication-encouraging and multifunctional working environment in which SSI Schäfer employees not only feel comfortable but find perfect working conditions as well. On five levels with around 7,000 m² of total floor space, a future-oriented concept for modern working environments was created for the world's leading solution provider of modular storage and logistics systems, with optimal conditions for innovation and productivity.

Raven51 AG in Frankfurt-Rödelheim

The Human Resources Marketing Agency Raven 51 moved to new premises in the Rödelheim district in Frankfurt uniting the knowledge and competence of the staff of two former locations. 45 employees are now joined under one roof. The new office world, designed by Industrial Designer Ursula Czugalla, offers ample space for 55 staff members. The pleasant colour scheme and the contemporary furniture create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.  The work benches, grouped in rows of three, are aligned along the window front. The ergonomic, height adjustable work desks are operated with an innovative control panel, by pushing the panel up or pressing it down the desks moves in the respective direction – easy as child’s play. These clever desks support healthy work postures, the various formal and informal areas which are scattered all over the open plan space invite the users to explore and use the whole office environment: for a quiet place to work, for creative activities, for collaboration and socialisation.

Pictures: © Jens Ehrlich Shoot & Food



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