WINEA FLOW - Fast, innovative and versatile.

WINEA FLOW - The Story

WINEA FLOW in motion


The new desk range WINEA FLOW excels with a clear design and technical innovation.  It was developed by WINI’s design team in collaboration with the designer Uwe Sommerlade. The result is a desk range that leaves nothing to be desired.


True to the motto “Smarter. Faster. More beautiful. Do it.” the focus is on the user and the user friendly handling. The rounded, black corner is a self-explaining control panel. It blends perfectly into the desktop and encourages the user to change posture more frequently. The basic idea of an activity boosting desk range convinced even the jury of the Active Office Award 2018.


Another ingenious feature of WINEA FLOW is the lifting cable channel which allows for easy access to the cable channel and a structured cable management. The cable channel lifts und lowers synchronously with the sliding desktop.


An additional outstanding feature of WINEA FLOW is the speedy motor-operated height adjustment (HV+) which covers the distance between sitting and standing position twice as fast as a common motor-operated desk. The height adjustment is equipped with a soft start/stop automatic and an integrated collision protection (PIEZOTM). It operates very quietly and is using very little energy, only 0.1 W.


WINEA FLOW impresses with its clear and straightforward design. The classical T leg, the A leg with its homely ambience or the panel leg – which can incorporate cables and sockets – allow WINEA FLOW to adapt to contemporary working environments. Thanks to these features it already earned the AIT Office Innovation Award.


Individuality is another distinct feature of WINEA FLOW, its development by WINI guarantees limitless options for individualisation.




Mat finishes

Linoleum Charcoal TOP Dekor (YD)

Fenix Nero Ingo TOP Dekor (YE)

MDF schwarz-matt TOP Dekor (WQ)

Uni colours + melamines

Anthrazit (AZ)

Apfel Meran Dekor (AD)

Beige Dekor (BE)

Beigegrau Dekor (GD)

Buche Dekor (BD)

Buche Tirol Dekor (BH)

Chromix Anthrazit TOP Dekor (YA)

Cuando Dekor (CD)

Denver Eiche TOP Dekor (YB)

Eiche Milano (ME)

Eiche Odeon (EO)

Halifax Eiche TOP Dekor (H4)

Porzellanweiß (P7)

Revive (RD)

Französisch Nussbaum Dekor (ND)

Kirsche Romana Dekor (KR)

Lakeland Akazie Dekor (LL)

Olive Sevilla Dekor (OD)

Platin (PL)

Titanweiß (TW)


Ahorn Natur (AN)

Amerikanisch Nussbaum (NU)

Amerikanisch Kirschbaum (KB)

Buche Natur (BN)

Eiche Natur (PN)

Esche schwarzgrau (EX)

Design veneers

Makassar (MK)

Wenge (WG)

Frames + plinths

Titanweiß RAL 9016 (TW)

Vulkanschwarz RAL 9005 (MS)

Weißaluminium RAL 9006 (W2)

System Overview

Plattenstärke:  1,9 cm | Plattentiefen:  80 / 90 cm

Plattenbreiten: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm 

Zusätzliche Flächenformen: div. Ansatzflächen, Ellipsen- und Tonnenform für Konferenztische

Alle-Füße: 74 cm starr | 65-85 cm einstellbar mit Knopfdruck
 65-85 cm einstellbar mit Schnellkurbel | 65-125 cm verstellbar mit Elektromotor
Sitz-Steh-Varianten (65 - 125 cm ): Standardverstellung (HV) oder Schnellverstellung (HV+), mit Widerstandserkennung, Verbrauchswerte im Stand-by-Betrieb 0,1 Watt



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