The creative design solution for a cosy atmosphere and acoustic and visual privacy in the office

WINEA X details

WINEA X lets you choose from multiple shapes and finishes, sizes, fabrics and colours and gives you ample scope for finding the perfect solution for your office.

Making of... WINEA X (DE)

Designer Uwe Sommerlade about the idea behind the modular panel system of WINI


Versatile, modular, flexible and very colourful: The panel system WINEA X (design by Uwe Sommerlade) is the contemporary design solution for acoustic and visual protection in the office. The WINEA X panels are made of fabric covered carrier plates which can be quickly and easily linked and connected with its characteristic X-connectors. The panels can be easily connected in a straight row. However, they may be linked at individually chosen angular positions as well. Apart from freestanding panels the modular systems offers user movable panels for desks and cabinets and panels which can be suspended from the ceiling. With its wide choice from fabrics WINEA X creates a lively room atmosphere and brings an easy elegance and a stylish touch to your office.

Design details/options:
metal foot, plastic foot, square and round panel feet for user movable panels on desktop/cabinet, adapters for connecting panels to desk/cabinet, suspension kit for hanging panels



Fabrics Synergy 170

Synergy 170 Gather LDP46

Synergy 170 Summon LDP5

Synergy 170 Pact LDP53

Synergy 170 Append LDP49

Synergy 170 Regard LDP54

Synergy 170 Support LDP55

Synergy 170 Kinship LDP56

Synergy 170 Group LDP59

Synergy 170 Alike LDP62

Synergy 170 Collaborate LDP68

Synergy 170 Guild LDP63

Synergy 170 Sync LDP69

Synergy 170 Fellowship LDP66

Synergy 170 Process LDP88

Synergy 170 Compound LDP25

Synergy 170 Chemistry LDP35

Synergy 170 Serendipity LDP08

Synergy 170 Affix LDP32

Synergy 170 Level LDP20

Synergy 170 Work LDP73

Synergy 170 Loop LDP18

Synergy 170 Mutual LDP84

Synergy 170 Share LDP85

Synergy 170 Combo LDP77

Fabrics Blazer Lite

Blazer Lite Retreat LTH39

Blazer Lite Tender LTH53

Blazer Lite Cuddle LTH62

Blazer Lite Verity LTH57

Blazer Lite Haven LTH40

Blazer Lite Freedom LTH69

Blazer Lite True LTH61

Blazer Lite Dainty LTH64

Blazer Lite Pastel LTH65

Blazer Lite Wish LTH67

Blazer Lite Mood LTH44

Blazer Lite Faith LTH68

Blazer Lite Pamper LTH66

Blazer Lite Angel LTH49

Blazer Lite Love LTH47

Blazer Lite Aspire LTH52

Blazer Lite Praise LTH54

Blazer Lite Devoted LTH58

Blazer Lite Worship LTH59

Blazer Lite Buddha LTH56

Blazer Lite Daydream LTH46

Blazer Lite Bliss LTH48

Blazer Lite Hope LTH50

Blazer Lite Happy LTH55

Blazer Lite Graceful LTH51

Blazer Lite Shelter LTH60

Blazer Lite Hush LTH42

Blazer Lite Balance LTH41

Blazer Lite Pillow LTH43

Blazer Lite Harmony LTH63

Fabrics Lucia CS

Lucia CS Adobo LC165

Lucia CS Aruba LC108

Lucia CS Varadero LC434

Lucia CS Palu LC414

Lucia CS Rum LC173

Lucia CS Slip LC094

Lucia CS Blizzard LC081

Lucia CS Revive LC182

Lucia CS Havana LC009

Lucia CS Costa LC026

Lucia CS Makili LC424

Lucia CS Roques LC433

Lucia CS Medan LC422

Lucia CS Honduras LC455

Lucia CS Depok LC421

Lucia CS Tenom LC419

Lucia CS Kota LC415

Lucia CS Bima LC425

Lucia CS Panama LC079

Lucia CS Negril LC175

Lucia CS Blanquilla LC456

System Overview

Free standing panels:
heights: 3 / 3,5 / 4 / 4,5 FH
widths: 80 / 90 / 100 cm

Height adjustable panels:
heights: 2 FH
widths: 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Mount panels:

heights: 1 / 1,5 FH
widths: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Panel for ceiling suspension:
heights: 1 / 1,5 OH
witdhs: 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm


Ernsting’s family GmbH & Co. KG in Coesfeld

The striking Chipperfield building of the Ernsting’s Headquarters was modernised and refurbished in 2016.  For the nearly 400 employees a friendly, light-flooded working environment with subdued colours was created, the main part being spacious Open Plan areas with benches for 2 or 4 users combined with  team offices, a few cellular offices, various conference and meeting rooms, a central cafeteria and a so-called “Creativity Room”.




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