The compact and intelligent storage solution for all personal items in the office.


Space saving and always at hand:  WINEA TOOLZ MyBox (Design: Uwe Sommerlade) is the compact and intelligent storage solution for all personal items kept in the office - regardless whether you need a place for your keys, purse, papers, bags, clothes or other things. The small and, when needed, lockable steel drawers are mounted directly to the underside of the table top. They can be combined flexibly with each other. The suspended fabric folder is a useful additon to the MyBox range. It takes up to 4 ring binders, bags, notebook cases, helmets etc. and can be attached underneath the drawers. Thanks to its high modularity and upgrade potential the WINEA TOOLZ MyBox range is a space saving alternative to the conventional pedestal.

As a standard WINEA TOOLZ MyBox is a perfect addition to the ranges WINEA PRO and WINEA ECO.

Finishing details and options:
Basic and add-on modules, full pull-out on ball-bearing runners, ‘Push-to-open’ mechanism, lockable drawers, suspended fabric folder, drawer mats and pencil tray.



Fabrics Remix Screen

Stoffe Remix Screen 0138

Stoffe Remix Screen 0148

Stoffe Remix Screen 0158

Stoffe Remix Screen 0128

Stoffe Remix Screen 0228

Stoffe Remix Screen 0188

Stoffe Remix Screen 0358

Stoffe Remix Screen 0408

Stoffe Remix Screen 0528

Stoffe Remix Screen 0608

Stoffe Remix Screen 0688

Stoffe Remix Screen 0818

Stoffe Remix Screen 0908

Stoffe Remix Screen 0998

Stoffe Remix Screen 0328

Stoffe Remix Screen 0288

Fabrics Carlow

Stoffe Carlow CLW01

Stoffe Carlow CLW13

Stoffe Carlow CLW14

Stoffe Carlow CLW15

Stoffe Carlow CLW16

Stoffe Carlow CLW17

Stoffe Carlow CLW18

Stoffe Carlow CLW19

Stoffe Carlow CLW20

Stoffe Carlow CLW21

Stoffe Carlow CLW12

Stoffe Carlow CLW11

Stoffe Carlow CLW02

Stoffe Carlow CLW03

Stoffe Carlow CLW04

Stoffe Carlow CLW05

Stoffe Carlow CLW06

Stoffe Carlow CLW07

Stoffe Carlow CLW08

Stoffe Carlow CLW09

Stoffe Carlow CLW10

Stoffe Carlow CLW22

Stoffe Carlow CLW23

Stoffe Carlow CLW24

Stoffe Carlow CLW25

Frames + plinths

Titanweiß RAL 9016 (TW)

Vulkanschwarz RAL 9005 (MS)

Dunkelanthrazit RAL 0002500 (DA)

Weißaluminium RAL 9006 (W2)

Fabrics Synergy 170

Synergy 170 Gather LDP46

Synergy 170 Summon LDP5

Synergy 170 Pact LDP53

Synergy 170 Append LDP49

Synergy 170 Regard LDP54

Synergy 170 Support LDP55

Synergy 170 Kinship LDP56

Synergy 170 Group LDP59

Synergy 170 Alike LDP62

Synergy 170 Collaborate LDP68

Synergy 170 Guild LDP63

Synergy 170 Sync LDP69

Synergy 170 Fellowship LDP66

Synergy 170 Process LDP88

Synergy 170 Compound LDP25

Synergy 170 Chemistry LDP35

Synergy 170 Serendipity LDP08

Synergy 170 Affix LDP32

Synergy 170 Level LDP20

Synergy 170 Work LDP73

Synergy 170 Loop LDP18

Synergy 170 Mutual LDP84

Synergy 170 Share LDP85

Synergy 170 Combo LDP77

Fabrics Blazer Lite

Blazer Lite Retreat LTH39

Blazer Lite Tender LTH53

Blazer Lite Cuddle LTH62

Blazer Lite Verity LTH57

Blazer Lite Haven LTH40

Blazer Lite Freedom LTH69

Blazer Lite True LTH61

Blazer Lite Dainty LTH64

Blazer Lite Pastel LTH65

Blazer Lite Wish LTH67

Blazer Lite Mood LTH44

Blazer Lite Faith LTH68

Blazer Lite Pamper LTH66

Blazer Lite Angel LTH49

Blazer Lite Love LTH47

Blazer Lite Aspire LTH52

Blazer Lite Praise LTH54

Blazer Lite Devoted LTH58

Blazer Lite Worship LTH59

Blazer Lite Daydream LTH46

Blazer Lite Buddha LTH56

Blazer Lite Bliss LTH48

Blazer Lite Hope LTH50

Blazer Lite Happy LTH55

Blazer Lite Graceful LTH51

Blazer Lite Shelter LTH60

Blazer Lite Hush LTH42

Blazer Lite Balance LTH41

Blazer Lite Pillow LTH43

Blazer Lite Harmony LTH63

Fabrics Lucia CS

Lucia CS Adobo LC165

Lucia CS Aruba LC108

Lucia CS Varadero LC434

Lucia CS Palu LC414

Lucia CS Rum LC173

Lucia CS Slip LC094

Lucia CS Blizzard LC081

Lucia CS Revive LC182

Lucia CS Havana LC009

Lucia CS Costa LC026

Lucia CS Makili LC424

Lucia CS Roques LC433

Lucia CS Medan LC422

Lucia CS Honduras LC455

Lucia CS Depok LC421

Lucia CS Tenom LC419

Lucia CS Kota LC415

Lucia CS Bima LC425

Lucia CS Panama LC079

Lucia CS Negril LC175

Lucia CS Blanquilla LC456

System Overview

Basic modules - lock optional:
height:    5 | 7.5 | 10cm
width:    40cm
depth:    30 | 48cm

Add-on modules - lock optional:
height:    5 | 7.5 | 10cm
width:    40cm
depth:    30 | 48cm

Suspended fabric folder:
height:    35cm
width:    40cm
depth:    48cm

Maximum combination of three modules is allowed. Load capacity per box: 5kg


IBB Investitionsbank Berlin in Berlin

Taking the wishes of the employees into account, in 2015 the internal IBB project team created a new furnishing concept, supported by civil engineers, specialised consultants and the company physician. A working environment was created that allows for ergonomic, concentrated work and offers a high degree of communication and flexibility to the around 600 employees.





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Type Lists

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