Highly absorbing acoustic system that shows office noise who’s the boss.


The WINEA SINUS modular system assembly makes it possible to achieve the very best in noise protection and sound absorption in all function areas at the office.

WINI project: CBRE in Frankfurt/Main

Accommodating 40 workstations on approx. 900sq m, an open, design-orientated office world has evolved whose sheer quality and top-grade functionalism are a reflection of the company’s high regard for its staff and clients.

WINI project: Aerzener Maschinenfabrik in Aerzen

An open office landscape was created with 90 workstations altogether, spread over four floors in total of the new 1,800sq m administration building – decorated in pleasing colours and using a tailor-made, energy-saving lighting concept.

WINI project: Audi AG

WINI became contractual general partners of AUDI AG at the end of 2009, and since then they have supplied the new interior furnishing for the Audi works in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Györ .


The WINEA SINUS acoustic system makes it possible to have the very best room conditioning in a commercial interior, finely tuned to the respective size of the room, its function, the constructional properties and furnishing elements. Whether it’s for the reception area, the lounge, a single workstation or team office, an open plan office, or conference room: The modular frame system is flexible: as a movable screen, an organiser desk panel, a floating ceiling panel or a personalised acoustic picture, too. The WINEA SINUS system is based on a very stable 52 mm thick aluminium frame into which the absorbing materials are mounted. The system consists of various basic and add-on elements of different heights and widths which can be linked up together on all sides - easily and flexibly. Depending on the room requirement and the level of absorption desired, the acoustically effective filling can be freely selected and subsequently replaced, too. As well as a recyclable polyester fleece, there is the alternative choice of an adaptable sheet metal membrane for sound absorption in the bass range. In this way, WINEA SINUS guarantees customised sound absorption ranging from α = 0.8 (absorption class B) to α = 1 (absorption class A), and can be used in all office areas as a sound screen, or as a highly effective sound absorber.

WINEA SINUS for individualists: The height/width of WINEA SINUS table panels, partition walls and acoustic images can be planned and ordered in customized sizes quite individually and millimeter exactly within the predefined minimum and maximum dimensions.

Fitting details and options: construction frame made of extruded aluminium profiles, cloth covers attached via welting profiles, Organisation rail, glass modules, printable cover fabric, partition wall, desk module, add-on modules, acoustic wall picture, floating ceiling panel, Audio equipment (DYNAVOX slim loudspeakers, 100 Watt amplifiers, APPLE MC414Z/A Airport Express WiFi, cables)



Individual motifs

B01 Dächer von Paris

B02 Color Splash

B03 Stadtplan

B04 Mosaik

B05 Marienkäfer

B06 Gras

B07 Pop Art Ducks

B08 Hügellandschaft

B09 Über den Wolken

B10 Sonnenaufgang in den Bergen

B11 Klares Wasser

B12 New York

B13 Flora

B14 Berlin

B15 Hamburg

B16 Bambus

B17 Pusteblume

B18 Prisma

B19 Banner rot-grün-gelb

B20 Blätterdach

B21 Am Meer

B22 Nachthimmel über den Bergen

B23 Blume

B24 Hirsch

B25 Heißluftballon

B26 Monstera

B27 Color Blocking

B28 Bergsee

B29 Seegang

B30 Sonnenuntergang am Strand

Fabrics Remix Screen

Stoffe Remix Screen 0128

Stoffe Remix Screen 0138

Stoffe Remix Screen 0148

Stoffe Remix Screen 0158

Stoffe Remix Screen 0188

Stoffe Remix Screen 0228

Stoffe Remix Screen 0288

Stoffe Remix Screen 0328

Stoffe Remix Screen 0358

Stoffe Remix Screen 0408

Stoffe Remix Screen 0528

Stoffe Remix Screen 0608

Stoffe Remix Screen 0688

Stoffe Remix Screen 0818

Stoffe Remix Screen 0908

Stoffe Remix Screen 0998

Fabrics Carlow

Stoffe Carlow CLW01

Stoffe Carlow CLW18

Stoffe Carlow CLW19

Stoffe Carlow CLW20

Stoffe Carlow CLW21

Stoffe Carlow CLW23

Stoffe Carlow CLW24

Stoffe Carlow CLW25

Stoffe Carlow CLW17

Stoffe Carlow CLW16

Stoffe Carlow CLW15

Stoffe Carlow CLW02

Stoffe Carlow CLW03

Stoffe Carlow CLW04

Stoffe Carlow CLW05

Stoffe Carlow CLW07

Stoffe Carlow CLW08

Stoffe Carlow CLW09

Stoffe Carlow CLW10

Stoffe Carlow CLW11

Stoffe Carlow CLW12

Stoffe Carlow CLW13

Stoffe Carlow CLW14

Stoffe Carlow CLW22

Stoffe Carlow CLW06

Fabrics Synergy 170

Synergy 170 Gather LDP46

Synergy 170 Summon LDP5

Synergy 170 Pact LDP53

Synergy 170 Append LDP49

Synergy 170 Regard LDP54

Synergy 170 Support LDP55

Synergy 170 Kinship LDP56

Synergy 170 Group LDP59

Synergy 170 Alike LDP62

Synergy 170 Collaborate LDP68

Synergy 170 Guild LDP63

Synergy 170 Sync LDP69

Synergy 170 Fellowship LDP66

Synergy 170 Process LDP88

Synergy 170 Compound LDP25

Synergy 170 Chemistry LDP35

Synergy 170 Serendipity LDP08

Synergy 170 Affix LDP32

Synergy 170 Level LDP20

Synergy 170 Work LDP73

Synergy 170 Loop LDP18

Synergy 170 Mutual LDP84

Synergy 170 Share LDP85

Synergy 170 Combo LDP77

Fabrics Lucia CS

Lucia CS Varadero LC434

Lucia CS Rum LC173

Lucia CS Slip LC094

Lucia CS Revive LC182

Lucia CS Blizzard LC081

Lucia CS Costa LC026

Lucia CS Havana LC009

Lucia CS Medan LC422

Lucia CS Roques LC433

Lucia CS Makili LC424

Lucia CS Panama LC079

Lucia CS Negril LC175

Lucia CS Kota LC415

Lucia CS Tenom LC419

Lucia CS Depok LC421

Fabrics Blazer Lite

Blazer Lite Retreat LTH39

Blazer Lite Tender LTH53

Blazer Lite Cuddle LTH62

Blazer Lite Verity LTH57

Blazer Lite Haven LTH40

Blazer Lite Freedom LTH69

Blazer Lite True LTH61

Blazer Lite Dainty LTH64

Blazer Lite Pastel LTH65

Blazer Lite Wish LTH67

Blazer Lite Mood LTH44

Blazer Lite Faith LTH68

Blazer Lite Pamper LTH66

Blazer Lite Angel LTH49

Blazer Lite Love LTH47

Blazer Lite Aspire LTH52

Blazer Lite Praise LTH54

Blazer Lite Devoted LTH58

Blazer Lite Worship LTH59

Blazer Lite Daydream LTH46

Blazer Lite Buddha LTH56

Blazer Lite Bliss LTH48

Blazer Lite Hope LTH50

Blazer Lite Happy LTH55

Blazer Lite Graceful LTH51

Blazer Lite Shelter LTH60

Blazer Lite Hush LTH42

Blazer Lite Balance LTH41

Blazer Lite Pillow LTH43

Blazer Lite Harmony LTH63

Blazer Lite Solace LTH70

System Overview



Basic modules:
Heigths: 100,5 / 119,7 / 138,9 / 158,1 / 196,5 cm
Widths: 40 / 60 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Add-on modules:

Heigths: 38,4 / 57,6 / 76,8 cm
Widths: 40 / 60 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Desk panels for mounting behind desk:
Heigths: 70 / 80 cm
Widths: 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Desk panels for desktop mounting:

Heigths: 38,4 / 45,7 / 57,6 cm
Widths: 40 / 60 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 / 200 cm

Wall pictures:
Heigths: 75 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 225 cm
Widths: 80 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 200 / 250 cm

Floating ceiling panel:

Lengths: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 cm
Widths: 80 / 90 / 100 / 125


Zedita Hameln

An innovation community in rural Weserbergland - that is the major goal of the large-scale project "zedita" of the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences (HSW). In cooperation with various partners from administration, science and business, including WINI, a digital hub called "zedita" was created in the historic Kaisersaal of Hameln's railway station. The centre promotes innovation and digital working in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont.

Hameln Pharma

An open working environment on an island with a direct view of the Weser. In the new building of the pharmaceutical company, a flexible office design in light colours and standardised workstations was created. A special solution for laptop use and quick adjustment in the WINEA FLOW sit-stand desk are part of the specific customer requirements. The active ingredients in this office planning: trust and quality.

Sartorius Campus

On a campus area of 170,000 square metres, an office concept that promotes creativity and communication reflects the company's values. Daylight-flooded, open rooms and team workplaces characterise the office zones. Special solutions in modular cupboard and table systems from WINI round off the overall lighting concept.

MAN in Augsburg

September 2018 saw MAN Energy Solutions SE/Augsburg moving into their reconstructed floor in the company’s administration building. A complete makeover of the technical and structural conditions was undertaken to create a contemporary office design with recreation areas, communications zones and shared desks, separated by glass walls to create a transparent and open working atmosphere. 56 ergonomic sit-stand desks were supplied, equipped with an acoustically effective back or side panel, depending on their positioning in the working area.

Particalur attention was paid to power and cable management and the vibration-free flat screen arms, which are installed in the desk’s organisation rail as well as attached to the privacy screen at the back. To provide space-saving storage of notebooks for the shared desks, WINI developped a bespoke solution which is incorporated by the desk’s integrated rail.



VR Bank Nord eG

For the new headquarters of the VR Bank Nord eG in Flensburg WINI developed and supplied 35 consulting and work desks.  In collaboration with the client the furnishing was tailored to suit the client’s needs by combining WINEA SINUS acoustic panels, WINEA MAXX cabinets and WINEA PRO desks. With the use of these products, a highly functional furnishing solution with simple lines and neat design touches was created.

Deltares in Delft/NL

In the Dutch town of Delft, right next door to the campus of the University of Technology, a new Deltares company building was constructed for more than 200 members of staff - based on the work form known as Het Nieuwe Werken (New Work) that is practised in the Netherlands. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

OSI Europe Foodworks GmbH in Gersthofen

In the spring of 2016 the OSI group moved into its new European headquarters in Gersthofen – an existing building which had been gutted and restructured beforehand. In collaboration with the WINI Floor Planning Team a new working environment for just under 100 employees was created, reflecting the corporate identity of the company.



OSPA Ostsee-Sparkasse in Rostock

In the summer of 2015, WINI realized a new processor-oriented facility solution for the executive board set-up with representative reception workstations, waiting zones, individual offices and meeting rooms in accordance with the corporate design requirements of the financial institution.

Rabobank in Den Helder/NL

WINI KantoorDesign created the planning for the new facility of the Rabobank in Den Helder - clearly structured by vibrant colors and meaningful functional zones. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE)

Cocensus in Alkmaar/NL

For Cocensus in Alkmaar WINI KantoorDesign realized on approximately 1000 sqm an acoustically optimized open space office with built-in lounge areas, ergonomic workstations and meeting solutions. Object data sheet with detailed information (PDF/DE)

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Aerzen

An open office landscape was created with 90 workstations altogether, spread over four floors in total of the new 1,800sq m administration building – decorated in pleasing colours and using a tailor-made, energy-saving lighting concept.  Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)



Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co in Bamberg

For the automotive supplier Brose in Bamberg, WINI realized an open office concept in the corporate design of the company at the beginning of 2016 according to the specifications of Brose Werksplanung. At the customer's request, WINI also developed high-speed standard workstations with quick cranking technology and personal caddies in special design.

CBRE Global Investors GmbH in Frankfurt/Main

Accommodating 40 workstations on approx. 900 m², an open, design-orientated office world has evolved whose sheer quality and top-grade functionalism are a reflection of the company’s high regard for its staff and clients. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft in Hannover

In the summer of 2017 WINI delivered just under 160 ergonomic sit/stand desks and meeting tables, acoustic on-desk panels and various storage components for the new building of an international auditing company based in Hannover, all made to measure to the specific requests of the company.



Studitemps GmbH in Cologne

For the Studitemps subsidiary in Cologne a furnishing solution was developed that is now set in contemporary open space structures, uses sophisticated media and equipment integration, and also has acoustic room conditioning for tasks requiring lots of concentration. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

roomarts in Ingolstadt

On a surface of 150 square metres the planning office “roomarts” realized a modern and functional concept for an design oriented, open office world with colorful accents -  based on the activity analysis of the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE by WINI.

Rabobank in Waalwijk/NL

The new building, erected in 2107, offers a modern, colourful, homely and at the same time flexible working environment to the employees of the Rabobank. Open Space areas with ergonomic, height adjustable individual work desks and dual workstations., meeting areas, conference rooms, alcoves and recreational areas allow every employee to find a work place which adapts to his needs.



Audi AG

WINI became contractual general partners of AUDI AG at the end of 2009, and since then they have supplied the new interior furnishing for the Audi works in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Györ.  

Hahn+Kolb GmbH in Ludwigsburg

Spread over 8,000sq m and four floors in Ludwigsburg, 300 ergonomic workplaces were created that reflect the corporate identity of Hahn+Kolb GmbH.   Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

(Foto: © Foto-Kunst-Grafik/Gisela Schäper)
KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH in Rheine

In 2011 a new three-storied administrative building was made on the KTR business area in Rheine for 150 employees: a kind, bright office world equipped with most modern building technology and high-quality, ergonomic facilities. (Fotos: © Foto-Kunst-Grafik/Gisela Schäper)

Maersk Deutschland A/S & Co. KG in Hamburg

According to the facilities plans of Office Group Munich WINI furnished the new offices of the German head office of the Danish MEARSK LINE, the worldwide largest container ship shipping company, in the Hamburg Ericus co. gate at the end of 2015. Today the MAERSK employees work on 2.5 floors (approx. 4,000 sqm) of the prominent building in the Hamburg port city in an open office landscape with ergonomically and acoustically optimized workstations.

Persis GmbH in Heidenheim

On a floor space of around 1800sq m, approximately 50 workplaces were fitted out in an open space structure, with top-grade acoustics for tasks requiring lots of concentration. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

RECK Technik GmbH & Co. KG in Betzenweiler

The new office tract covering 2,065 square metres for the medical engineering side of business provides enough space for exhibition rooms and a future-oriented, generously proportioned and cheerfully colourful office world with 170 workstations at present. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH in Bonn

Round about 50 workstations were created for the staff of Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH at their Bonn location – with the ergonomics and sound management having been optimised to state-of-the-art level. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sparda-Bank Nürnberg in Nuremberg

A furnishing concept with open office and lounge structures was developed to provide a friendly, cheerfully colourful work environment for 180 members of staff at Sparda-Bank, Nuremberg. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sparkasse Bamberg in Bamberg

In May 2014 the Sparkasse Bamberg opened the freshly renovated rooms of its new customer center at the Schönleinsplatz. Today the new facilities of the customer areas and the open space backoffice makes it possible for the 250 employes to work ergonomicly, concentrated and process optimized
in a harmoniously arranged office environment.

Sparkasse Krefeld in Krefeld

Since its total refurbishment was completed in the autumn of 2012, the main branch of Sparkasse Krefeld is looking splendid again. This was also when the workstations in the open plan customer service centre began making the co-existence of dialogue and concentration possible. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sparkasse Weserbergland in Hameln

For the new office of the "Heimatsparkasse" that serves its customers primarily via online media, WINI has developed an individual design concept, specifically "multimedia" on the Functioning of the service staff was matched - based on the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE).

Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH in Solingen

A 600m² dedicated service zone was created that is open, friendly and contemporary, with new, clear structures defining customer reception, service point workstations and back office. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) in Frankfurt/Main

At the end of 2011, the consulting group Booz & Company (today: Strategy&) put a holistic office concept with model character into practice on their premises at Frankfurt’s Park Tower. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Velde Groep in TZ's-Hertogenbosch/NL

According to the plans of WINI KantoorDesign a mix of singles, doubles and team offices, meeting and conference rooms, retreat rooms and lounge zone was created on the day-lit office floor of the Velde Groep. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE)



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