Simply a table – and yet so much more: clear and timeless in design, multi-variable in its function, and easy to use - including stand-sit function.

WINEA PRO in Motion

One system all solutions - for your office.

WINEA PRO details

With just a few high-quality and completely recyclable assembly groups, WINEA PRO can create an almost inexhaustible variety of design options.

WINI project: befair partners AG in St. Gallen

Behind the distinctive brick façade, subdivided horizontally by ribbon glazing, there is now a bright and friendly office and working world. In an environment suffused with light, there is floor space of about 1,050 m² for the 30 befair members of staff.

WINI project: Deltares in Delft

In the Dutch town of Delft, right next door to the campus of the University of Technology, a new Deltares company building was constructed for more than 200 members of staff - based on the work form known as Het Nieuwe Werken (New Work) that is practised in the Netherlands.

WINI project: Audi AG

WINI became contractual general partners of AUDI AG at the end of 2009, and since then they have supplied the new interior furnishing for the Audi works in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Györ .


One system – with all the solutions: in cooperation with 12 renowned German architects, WINI developed the WINEA PRO workplace range. A table system that brings together function, convenience and design, in fact, all the criteria for the perfect workstation. Clear and timeless in design, multi-variable in its function, and easy and convenient to use. A convertible, sustainable and long-life system that can be used to arrange all the work zones in the office: from ergonomic single and team workplaces to meeting, conference and workbench arrangements, right up to the executive suite.

The overall appearance is consistent and boasts top-level functionalism – with a choice of 4-, C- or T-leg frame, with pedestal or as a DUO workstation. WINEA PRO conforms with the latest EU norm EN 527-1:2011 and offers a selection of height-setting mechanisms for sliding smoothly from 65 to 85 cm: at the touch of a button, tool-based - or with a crank, for C- and T-leg frames. The multi-functional table system has been extended to include ergonomic stand-sit variants with electromotive height adjustment in the 65 – 125 cm or 68 cm to 135 cm range and integrated anti-collision protection. The WINI MOTION interactive touch switch is standard equipment with WINEA PRO. In 2010, WINEA PRO won the red dot award, and was nominated for the German Design Prize. In 2012, the system received the PLUS X Award in the categories High Quality, Design and Functionalism, and the German Design Special Mention Award in 2014.

WINEA PRO for individualists: The width of WINEA PRO tabletops, racks, cable channels and modesty panels can be planned and ordered in customized sizes quite individually and millimeter exactly within the predefined minimum and maximum dimensions.

Fitting details and options: roller-mounted sliding top, function rail, modesty panel, tidy desk organisation rail/panel, effective sound-absorbing screen, cable grommet, cable flap, cable duct, cable chain, cable quiver, cable separator, CPU-holder, printer tray, and monitor-holder/TFT swivel arm






Mat finishes

Linoleum Charcoal TOP Dekor (YD)

Fenix Nero Ingo TOP Dekor (YE)

MDF schwarz-matt TOP Dekor (WQ)

Kirsche Romana Perfect Sence TOP Dekor (WK)

Uni colours + melamines

Mooreiche Dekor (EE)

Eiche Natur Dekor (NE)

Eiche gekälkt Dekor (EJ)

Anthrazit (AZ)

Apfel Meran Dekor (AD)

Beige Dekor (BE)

Beigegrau Dekor (GD)

Buche Dekor (BD)

Buche Tirol Dekor (BH)

Chromix Anthrazit TOP Dekor (YA)

Cuando Dekor (CD)

Denver Eiche TOP Dekor (YB)

Eiche Milano (ME)

Halifax Eiche TOP Dekor (H4)

Titanweiß (TW)

Dijon Nussbaum Natur Dekor (8X)

Kirsche Romana Dekor (KR)

Lakeland Akazie Dekor (LL)

Olive Sevilla Dekor (OD)

Platin (PL)

Porzellanweiß (P7)


Ahorn Natur (AN)

Amerikanisch Nussbaum (NU)

Amerikanisch Kirschbaum (KB)

Buche Natur (BN)

Eiche Natur (PN)

Esche schwarzgrau (EX)

Design veneers

Makassar (MK)

Wenge (WG)

Application Colors

Rauchblau (BQ)

Frames + plinths

Dunkelanthrazit RAL 0002500 (DA)

Hochglanz verchromt (CH)

Titanweiß RAL 9016 (TW)

Vulkanschwarz RAL 9005 (MS)

Weißaluminium RAL 9006 (W2)

System Overview

Thickness of tops:
1,3 / 1,9 / 2,5 cm | Top depths: 60 / 80 / 90 cm
Top widths: 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180/ 200 cm (C- and T-leg frames also in 220 and 240 cm)

Additional desktop formats: various connecting elements, add-on and free-shape surfaces; oval- and barrel-shaped

4-leg: 74 cm rigid 65-85 cm setting is tool-based
C-leg: 74 cm rigid 65-85 cm setting is tool-based / with crank 65 - 125 cm with electromotive adjustment
74 cm rigid 65-85 cm setting is tool-based / with crank 65 - 125 cm with electromotive adjustment
Pedestal /cabinet support plate:
74 cm rigid
Stand-sit variants (65 - 125 cm / 68 - 135 cm): lifting speed: 38 mm/sec.; obstacle detection; energy consumption rate in standby status 0,1 Watt


SSI Schäfer in Giebelstadt

With its new competence centre, SSI Schäfer wanted to create a varied, communication-encouraging and multifunctional working environment in which SSI Schäfer employees not only feel comfortable but find perfect working conditions as well. On five levels with around 7,000 m² of total floor space, a future-oriented concept for modern working environments was created for the world's leading solution provider of modular storage and logistics systems, with optimal conditions for innovation and productivity.

International Consulting Agency

A light-flooded and elegant office world with perfect acoustics and a fantastic view of the river Rhine was created in one of the Crane Houses in Cologne. An accurate analysis of the different task profiles is the basis on which the 4000 sqm were structured into meeting rooms and work desks, offering excellent conditions for every task.


See for yourself and visit this office world:

Cosnova in Sulzbach

For Cosnava, a company located in Sulzbach near Frankfurt, we designed in co-operation with our partner LINAK a contemporary working environment with the focus on desk sharing. The enterprise is innovative and steadily growing. To attract and retain talents its working environment must be up-to-date in every aspect, ergonomics included. It goes without saying that the new desks are motor-operated height adjustable. An increasing number of employees requires more space. However, there is a limit to the space available. Due to the fact that not all employees are in the office at the same time – in particular the Sales Representatives are often out of the office and leaving their desks unused – an innovative solution for desk sharing had to be found.  This was the right time for the third company to step in and add their expertise to the project: the Dutch specialist for booking systems GoBright. The colourful cosmetic company Cosnova with its well-known brands essence, Catrice and L.O.V.  has by now a staff of 650 employees. Small multicoloured details in raspberry red, orange and pink reflect the company’s CI colours.

Deutsche Wohnen SE in Berlin

In January 2019, the 102 employees of Deutsche Wohnen returned to an office environment with a completely new scheme: In the Berlin headquarters, located in a historical building, the former small cubicles have given way to a spacious open plan office. In the sunlit and generously spaced gallery semi-private working and collaboration spaces were defined. Communication zones can easily be turned into meeting and presentation spaces, telephone boxes offer privacy for phone calls. For the trainees of the Deutsche Wohnen a creative space was included into the concept. The team offices are separated visually and acoustically with glass walls, offering privacy but not disturbing the open and airy atmosphere. Ergonomic height adjustable sit-stand desks and clever storage elements complete the picture.

JOTEC Service & Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Erkelenz

In Erkelenz entstand für die Mitarbeiter der JOTEC, mithilfe des Einrichtungs- und Beratungstools DAS MEIN BÜRO PRINZIP – kurz DMBP, auf zwei Etagen eine ansprechende Bürolandschaft. Zu einem ungewöhnlich frühen Zeitpunkt, bereits zu Baubeginn 2016, konnte hier richtungsweisend mit dem DMBP beraten werden. Während der engen Zusammenarbeit in der dreijährigen Bauphase, wurde durch die Nutzung des DMBP-Analysetool eine weitsichtige Idee einer Arbeitsumgebung entwickelt. Auf die individuellen Wünsche des Bauherrn konnte jederzeit flexibel eingegangen werden. Es wurden nicht nur die benötigten individuellen Arbeitsplätze für Team- und Einzelarbeit realisiert, sondern auch vielseitige neue Besprechungszonen. Darunter die Büros der Geschäftsführung, offene gemeinschaftliche Kommunikationsbereiche, ein großzügiger Konferenzraum und ein einladender Empfangsbereich, ohne dabei die klassische Unternehmensstruktur sowie die Arbeitsweisen zu verändern. Die daraus resultierende maßgeschneiderte Lösung steht im Einklang zum gesamten Gebäude. Bodentiefe Glastrennwände sorgen für optische Offenheit und schaffen trotzdem die notwendige Abgrenzung für konzentriertes Arbeiten.

Pictures: © Giulio Coscia Fotografie

VR Bank Nord eG

For the new headquarters of the VR Bank Nord eG in Flensburg WINI developed and supplied 35 consulting and work desks.  In collaboration with the client the furnishing was tailored to suit the client’s needs by combining WINEA SINUS acoustic panels, WINEA MAXX cabinets and WINEA PRO desks. With the use of these products, a highly functional furnishing solution with simple lines and neat design touches was created.

Aerzener Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Aerzen

An open office landscape was created with 90 workstations altogether, spread over four floors in total of the new 1,800sq m administration building – decorated in pleasing colours and using a tailor-made, energy-saving lighting concept.  Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)



Audi AG

WINI became contractual general partners of AUDI AG at the end of 2009, and since then they have supplied the new interior furnishing for the Audi works in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Györ.  

Rabobank in Den Helder/NL

WINI KantoorDesign created the planning for the new facility of the Rabobank in Den Helder - clearly structured by vibrant colors and meaningful functional zones. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE)

OSPA Ostsee-Sparkasse in Rostock

In the summer of 2015, WINI realized a new processor-oriented facility solution for the executive board set-up with representative reception workstations, waiting zones, individual offices and meeting rooms in accordance with the corporate design requirements of the financial institution.

CBRE Global Investors GmbH in Frankfurt/Main

Accommodating 40 workstations on approx. 900 m², an open, design-orientated office world has evolved whose sheer quality and top-grade functionalism are a reflection of the company’s high regard for its staff and clients. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Studitemps GmbH in Cologne

For the Studitemps subsidiary in Cologne a furnishing solution was developed that is now set in contemporary open space structures, uses sophisticated media and equipment integration, and also has acoustic room conditioning for tasks requiring lots of concentration. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Cocensus in Alkmaar/NL

For Cocensus in Alkmaar WINI KantoorDesign realized on approximately 1000 sqm an acoustically optimized open space office with built-in lounge areas, ergonomic workstations and meeting solutions. Object data sheet with detailed information (PDF/DE)

Deltares in Delft/NL

In the Dutch town of Delft, right next door to the campus of the University of Technology, a new Deltares company building was constructed for more than 200 members of staff - based on the work form known as Het Nieuwe Werken (New Work) that is practised in the Netherlands. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

roomarts in Ingolstadt

On a surface of 150 square metres the planning office “roomarts” realized a modern and functional concept for an design oriented, open office world with colorful accents -  based on the activity analysis of the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE by WINI.

Tideworks Netherlands B.V. in Rotterdam/NL

For the Dutch subsidiary of the software service provider, WINI KantoorDesign completed the facility planning in summer 2014 and implemented a transparent, open office concept with high-quality, modular furnishings, including ergonomic height-adjustable desks for team and individual workstations as well as representative conference furniture.

ajoint.communication GmbH in Frankfurt/Main

It is predominantly glass and concrete that influence the architecture on the premises of ajoint, the Frankfurt sponsoring agency which was founded in 2010 with a staff of about twenty as a partner company of the akzio! agency. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Eckes-Granini Group GmbH in Nieder-Olm

Following an architecturally clearly-structured furnishing concept that was tuned perfectly to the needs of the users, a total of 70 workplaces evolved on 2,700sq m of floor space in the office building located at the newly designed Ludwig-Eckes-Platz. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Groupon GmbH in Berlin

Covering five floors and a total floor space of 8,500sq m, the new Groupon Center on Hausvogteiplatz is in a position today to provide enough room for the steadily growing enterprise, and a workforce that has increased in numbers recently to more than 800. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

kela - Keck & Lang GmbH in Böhmenkirch

In an overall bright and friendly environment with transparent office structures covering 1,000sq m: this is where 48 modular workstations based on the company’s corporate design were generated. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

(Foto: © Foto-Kunst-Grafik/Gisela Schäper)
KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH in Rheine

In 2011 a new three-storied administrative building was made on the KTR business area in Rheine for 150 employees: a kind, bright office world equipped with most modern building technology and high-quality, ergonomic facilities. (Fotos: © Foto-Kunst-Grafik/Gisela Schäper)

Dirk Rossmann GmbH in Burgwedel

The workforce of about 600 from central administration and logistics moved into the new building in March 2011, their offices comprising some 5,000sq m - with modern workstations in single, pair and team offices, generously proportioned meeting rooms, as well as a prestigious lecture hall. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH in Bonn

Round about 50 workstations were created for the staff of Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH at their Bonn location – with the ergonomics and sound management having been optimised to state-of-the-art level. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sparkasse Bamberg in Bamberg

In May 2014 the Sparkasse Bamberg opened the freshly renovated rooms of its new customer center at the Schönleinsplatz. Today the new facilities of the customer areas and the open space backoffice makes it possible for the 250 employes to work ergonomicly, concentrated and process optimized
in a harmoniously arranged office environment.

Sparkasse Krefeld in Krefeld

Since its total refurbishment was completed in the autumn of 2012, the main branch of Sparkasse Krefeld is looking splendid again. This was also when the workstations in the open plan customer service centre began making the co-existence of dialogue and concentration possible. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sparkasse Weserbergland in Hameln

For the new office of the "Heimatsparkasse" that serves its customers primarily via online media, WINI has developed an individual design concept, specifically "multimedia" on the Functioning of the service staff was matched - based on the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE).

Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH in Solingen

A 600m² dedicated service zone was created that is open, friendly and contemporary, with new, clear structures defining customer reception, service point workstations and back office. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) in Frankfurt/Main

At the end of 2011, the consulting group Booz & Company (today: Strategy&) put a holistic office concept with model character into practice on their premises at Frankfurt’s Park Tower. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

University Hospital - Medical Polyclinic in Basel/CH

For the Medical Polyclinic of the University Hospital Basel in the context of the modernization work in 2014 there was created a visually unified, friendly bright solution for the patient/waiting areas and reception/counter workplaces, which also supports the optimized processes of the sanitary and care center. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE)



Velde Groep in TZ's-Hertogenbosch/NL

According to the plans of WINI KantoorDesign a mix of singles, doubles and team offices, meeting and conference rooms, retreat rooms and lounge zone was created on the day-lit office floor of the Velde Groep. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE)

VEWIN in The Hague/NL

Since the end of May, the Association of Dutch Water Companies, VEWIN for short, has been doing business in a new 700 m² office landscape - with a wealth of panorama views - on the 19th floor of Malietoren, built in 1996 at the city gates of Den Haag. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Wintertaling in Amsterdam/NL

Since the end of 2015 the 32 chamber employees of Wintertaling in Amsterdam work in a representative, transparent office environment with several meeting rooms, individual offices and small team offices with ergonomically height-adjustable workplaces.




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