Perfect design for perfect order in the office: WINEA MATRIX is more than just storage space for files.


With modular combination and a multitude of fitting options, WINEA MATRIX ensures maximum comfort.


Clear lines, clear shapes and a whole lot of storage space. With its perfect design, WINEA MATRIX brings perfect order to your office. The intelligent storage space system organizes office storage according to the user’s personal way of working: it structures rooms and offers lots of comfort, with maximal functionalism and freedom of design. This means that WINEA MATRIX is far more than just storage space for files. The modular system consists of single units which can be put together as required. The mirror image setup makes it possible to organize storage space on both sides – with no detrimental effect to the appearance. For with its even alignment of distances between joints, WINEA MATRIX is just as handsome from the back as from the front.

Cupboard variants:
shelf system, sliding door cupboard, cupboard with tambour doors, hinged door cupboard, wardrobe cupboard, cupboard with suspension files drawer, combination cupboard, apothecary cupboard, caddies/Mobile, lectern, office technology pedestal

Fitting details and options: counter element, seating element, cupboard upper sections, side, corner and ceiling covers, broad drawers, sound-absorbing fronts, various office utensil trays, flipchart



Mat finishes

Kirsche Romana Perfect Sence TOP Dekor (WK)

MDF schwarz-matt TOP Dekor (WQ)

Uni colours + melamines

Eiche Natur Dekor (NE)

Eiche gekälkt Dekor (EJ)

Terrazzo TOP Dekor (TZ)

Terracotta TOP Dekor (TR)

Mooreiche Dekor (EE)

Chromix Anthrazit TOP Dekor (YA)

Halifax Eiche TOP Dekor (H4)

Denver Eiche TOP Dekor (YB)

Titanweiß (TW)

Anthrazit (AZ)

Apfel Meran Dekor (AD)

Beige Dekor (BE)

Beigegrau Dekor (GD)

Buche Dekor (BD)

Buche Tirol Dekor (BH)

Cuando Dekor (CD)

Dunkelanthrazit (DA)

Eiche Milano (ME)

Dijon Nussbaum Natur Dekor (8X)

Kirsche Romana Dekor (KR)

Lakeland Akazie Dekor (LL)

Olive Sevilla Dekor (OD)

Platin (PL)

Silber Dekor (AF)

Porzellanweiß (P7)

Vulkanschwarz (MS)


Ahorn Natur (AN)

Amerikanisch Nussbaum (NU)

Amerikanisch Kirschbaum (KB)

Buche Natur (BN)

Eiche Natur (PN)

Esche schwarzgrau (EX)

Application Colors

Rauchblau (BQ)

Design veneers

Makassar (MK)

Wenge (WG)

Frames + plinths

Anthrazit RAL 0004000 (AZ)

Dunkelanthrazit RAL 0002500 (DA)

Glanzgrau (GX)

Platin RAL 7035 (PL)

Titanweiß RAL 9016 (TW)

Vulkanschwarz RAL 9005 (MS)

Weißaluminium RAL 9006 (W2)


WINEA MATRIX Griffleiste, ansetzbar

System Overview



Cupboard depth: 45 cm | Cupboard widths: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 cm | 160 / 180 cm (max. 3 file heights)

2-4 file heights | Upper cupboard: 1-3 file heights

Tambour door cupboards: 1-4 file heights | Upper cupboard: 1-3 file heights

Sliding door cupboards: 1-4 file heights | Upper cupboard: 1-3 file heights

Hinged door cupboards: 2-4 file heights | Upper cupboard: 1-3 file heights

Cupboards with suspension files drawer: 1-3 file heights | Upper cupboard: 1 file height

Combined cupboards: 1.5-3.5 file heights


Zedita Hameln

An innovation community in rural Weserbergland - that is the major goal of the large-scale project "zedita" of the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences (HSW). In cooperation with various partners from administration, science and business, including WINI, a digital hub called "zedita" was created in the historic Kaisersaal of Hameln's railway station. The centre promotes innovation and digital working in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont.




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