There’s a multi-talent on the move at the office: ready for use at the drop of a hat, assembled rapidly and space-saving when stored.

TWISTER details

The mobile folding table meets all kinds of different requirements - practically at the flick of a wrist.


Mobile, always spontaneous and ready for use at the drop of a hat, swiftly and easily set up and a space-saver when stowed away: the TWISTER mobile folding table makes many things possible. Yesterday it was still a project workplace, today it’s a seminar workplace and tomorrow perhaps it’s a table for a festive banquet…. The secret of the folding table’s success is its integrated Cornelius mechanism: it ensures that the movement of the table top is transferred to the leg support during the folding process. As soon as the top is folded upwards, the T-feet of the leg columns turn 30 degrees inwards. In this position, the TWISTER tables can simply be stacked tidily into each other for space-saving storage. For personalised formations, there are various top colours, different edges and three frame colours to choose from, as well as different top materials, sizes and shapes. What’s more, with table connectors and triangular tops, even solutions for set-ups with corners can be found in a jiffy.

Fitting details and options: folding mechanism with self-locking catch / hand lever with palm rest, soft castors for hard floors, modesty panel, safety edge skirting, Netboxes



Uni colours + melamines

Terracotta TOP Dekor (TR)

Frames + plinths

Dunkelanthrazit RAL 0002500 (DA)

Vulkanschwarz RAL 9005 (MS)

Uni colours + melamines

Mooreiche Dekor (EE)

Eiche Natur Dekor (NE)

Eiche gekälkt Dekor (EJ)

Chromix Anthrazit TOP Dekor (YA)

Halifax Eiche TOP Dekor (H4)

Denver Eiche TOP Dekor (YB)

Olive Sevilla Dekor (OD)

Anthrazit (AZ)

Beige Dekor (BE)

Beigegrau Dekor (GD)

Cuando Dekor (CD)

Apfel Meran Dekor (AD)

Buche Dekor (BD)

Buche Tirol Dekor (BH)

Eiche Milano (ME)

Dijon Nussbaum Natur Dekor (8X)

Kirsche Romana Dekor (KR)

Lakeland Akazie Dekor (LL)

Platin (PL)

Porzellanweiß (P7)

Titanweiß (TW)


Ahorn Natur (AN)

Eiche Natur (PN)

Amerikanisch Nussbaum (NU)

Amerikanisch Kirschbaum (KB)

Buche Natur (BN)

Esche schwarzgrau (EX)

Design veneers

Wenge (WG)

Frames + plinths

Schwarz eloxiert (SE)

Weißaluminium eloxiert (E3)

Weißaluminium RAL 9006 (W2)

System Overview



Top widths: 120 / 140 / 160 / 180 cm | Top depths: 70  / 80  / 95 cm

Additional desktop formats: Oval-shaped, barrel-shaped, sickle-shaped surface, dragon-shaped surface


Zedita Hameln

An innovation community in rural Weserbergland - that is the major goal of the large-scale project "zedita" of the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences (HSW). In cooperation with various partners from administration, science and business, including WINI, a digital hub called "zedita" was created in the historic Kaisersaal of Hameln's railway station. The centre promotes innovation and digital working in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont.

Studitemps GmbH in Cologne

For the Studitemps subsidiary in Cologne a furnishing solution was developed that is now set in contemporary open space structures, uses sophisticated media and equipment integration, and also has acoustic room conditioning for tasks requiring lots of concentration. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)

Sparkasse Weserbergland in Hameln

For the new office of the "Heimatsparkasse" that serves its customers primarily via online media, WINI has developed an individual design concept, specifically "multimedia" on the Functioning of the service staff was matched - based on the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE. Object sheet with detailed informations (PDF/DE).

Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company) in Frankfurt/Main

At the end of 2011, the consulting group Booz & Company (today: Strategy&) put a holistic office concept with model character into practice on their premises at Frankfurt’s Park Tower. Object sheet with detailed Informations (PDF)



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