ROOMS by Connection

The freely configurable space-in-space solution for more privacy, encounter and collaboration in open offices.

ROOMS: Designed to define space

ROOMS redefines the space - according to your requirements.

ROOMS: time-lapse assembly

With a three-man assembly team, ROOMS can be set up in just two hours.


Rooms (Design: Roger Webb Associates), a flexible reconfigurable furniture, was designed to create informal and formal workspace solutions to meet, socialise, focus and collaborate. It represents a flexible and reconfigurable free-standing structure made of aluminium and wood with a height of 2,40m and a base of 3x3m and can be individually configured: standard wall options include acoustic curtains, whiteboard walls, upholstered walls, Venetian trellis walls as well as acoustic ceiling baffles. Special options like integrated power sockets, LED light fittings, acoustic baffles and TV brackets offer additional convenience features. Whether it serves as a retreat for concentrated working, service room for office technology, cloak or locker room, meeting or project area: Used as a bespoke room-in-room situation, visually and acoustically protected, ROOMS responds to any challenge and can easily be integrated into existing structures.

Fitting details and options: acoustic walls, curtains, rotating walls, upholstered walls, Venetian trellis walls, whiteboard walls, acoustic baffles, power modules, cantilever work surface, TV bracket

System Overview

2.40 m

Surface area:
3 x 3 m / 3 x 4 m



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