CUBBI by Connection

CUBBI delivers privacy for individual co-workers and pairs who require some focussed time on their own – but away from meeting rooms.


You can find all information under the following link: CUBBI by CONNECTION

System Overview








Configuration variants: single | back-to-back | side-by-side | quad

Element height: 144,3 cm
Element widths: 135 / 160 / 270 / 320 cm
Element depths: 90 / 130 / 170 / 250 cm

Seating and writing surfaces (widths) each: 80 / 120 cm


roomarts in Ingolstadt

On a surface of 150 square metres the planning office “roomarts” realized a modern and functional concept for an design oriented, open office world with colorful accents -  based on the activity analysis of the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE by WINI.