CUBBI by Connection

CUBBI delivers privacy for individual co-workers and pairs who require some focussed time on their own – but away from meeting rooms.


Collaborative working is here to stay; face to face and through modern technology. Those collaborating require privacy, and, just as importantly, their neighbours working in the vicinity need sheltering from the resulting activity and noise. CUBBI delivers privacy for individuals and pairs who require some focussed time on their own. Which means holding meetings without having to take up large meeting rooms. The small space it requires can be used efficiently – an oasis of calm in the frenetic workplace

Fitting details and options: writing consoles, add-on tables, integrated cable management

For personalised configuration there are various fabric covers to choose from:
KVADRAT Messenger 4  |  KVADRAT Divina 3  |  CAMIRA Blazer 1&2 

System Overview








Configuration variants: single | back-to-back | side-by-side | quad

Element height: 144,3 cm
Element widths: 135 / 160 / 270 / 320 cm
Element depths: 90 / 130 / 170 / 250 cm

Seating and writing surfaces (widths) each: 80 / 120 cm


roomarts in Ingolstadt

On a surface of 150 square metres the planning office “roomarts” realized a modern and functional concept for an design oriented, open office world with colorful accents -  based on the activity analysis of the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE by WINI.


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Product Sheets


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