CENTRO Stools + Benches by Connection

A solid oak seating collection with a simple, timeless design.

About CENTRO Stools & Benches

You can find all information under the following link:  CENTRO STOOLS + BECNHES by CONNECTION


Apetito in Rheine

The Apetito AG enlarged its space capacities and moved into a modern Open Plan office area in December 2018. The new premises provide room for 38 employees from various company departments. The realisation of this project was led by Apetito’s Project Manager Stefan Becker and designer Daniel Figueroa.

roomarts in Ingolstadt

On a surface of 150 square metres the planning office “roomarts” realized a modern and functional concept for an design oriented, open office world with colorful accents -  based on the activity analysis of the MY OFFICE PRINCIPLE by WINI.